Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Apple core drag I phone x to the top

Iphone X became First, out of the 10 selected phones in the World

For these past ten years, iPhones has contributed
 a lot to the industry's development - the capacitive touchscreen, the
glass design, the fingerprint scanner, the force press, the portrait
 mode. We've seen Apple push the envelope each time by putting
 obscure technological breakthroughs in the hands of millions.
 And now they've done it yet again.

  The Face ID. Once a software gimmick, Apple has made it the next-step
 in biometric security. The company was so sure in its capabilities
 that it immediately retired the Touch ID. The Face ID sensor also made
possible a new level of selfies and incredible accurate facial expression
tracking with the Animojis. A little nudge capable of pushing the whole industry.


CORE: I POHE X Is the first phone to introduce Hexa-core (2 Monsoon + 4 Mistral) 2.39GHz
Apple CPU, tri-core Apple GPU, Apple A11 Bionic SoC, multytask


Samsung Galaxy note8 became second out of the 10 Selected phones 
fresh memory of the Note7's woes or the fact that
 the Note line was never really intended to be a mainstream device
 with the kind of mass appeal of a Galaxy S or an iPhone. It's more of a
specialized productivity tool, catering
to a select group of power users

 Samsung is playing it safe with the feature set too. There are
 no mind-blowing innovations in the Note8. The phablet
is predictably sized and equipped, sporting a familiar, if slightly tweaked design.
Even the dual-camera setup is by no means revolutionary. On the contrary, perhaps
 it's even slightly overdue.dual-camera more powerfull than Galaxy 8 and 8plus.

LG V30 Bebcame the third phone out of the 10 slected phones in the world
The V-series of phablets was conceived as an alternative to the
 large-screened Galaxy Notes with a secondary display in lieu
of a stylus. Well, that lasted for two product cycles, and the secondary
screen is no more. Instead, the LG V30 is all screen.

More importantly, the handset is IP68 certified for dust and water resistance, a first
 for an LG V phone. Previous generations prioritized the removable battery over
environmental sealing.


LG makes a big deal out of its new camera - yes, it's a dual setup similar to the ones
 on the G5, G6, and the V20, yet it's unlike any of those. The primary cam, the 16MP unit
that's not ultra-wide, is treated to a superior lens with a glass element up front
and an f/1.6 aperture, the brightest on a smartphone. The super-wide shooter
 is 13MP, same resolution as on the G6, but with a wider
aperture too - f/1.9 vs. f/2.4. Sadly, the front-facing cam is still a
 measly 5MP. You'd be better off sticking to mirror selfies with
 the rear cam.

 HUAWEI Mate 10 Pro is quite different from the regular model, coming with a 6" 18:9 AMOLED BECAME 4TH

 Screen with even slimmer bezels, a water-tight body, faster LTE, more RAM and
storage and a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner. The upgrades come at a bitter
 price though, costing the Mate 10 Pro the QuadHD screen resolution, the audio jack
 and the memory card slot.If am rich i can buy this phone for each memebers of my choir,
 this phone is the best music phone in 2017 and  it was able to rank 4th position again in 2018

 Nokia 8Sirocco the 5th out of the 10 selected phones in the world   


This is another 2018 music phone,
Mobile World Congress 2018 lineup we'd pick the Nokia 8 Sirocco as
 the top gun of the pack. It may be something
 of a Nokia 8 rehash, on paper, but make no mistake, this is an
 honest to goodness flagship in person.           


The Nokia 8 Sirocco - the Sirocco bit being a nod to Nokia's stainless steel 8800 Sirocco
 slider from back in the day - shares the Snapdragon 835 chipset and 6GB of RAM of the
 Nokia 8, but adds a bigger 5.5-inch p-OLED QHD display, IP67 water proofing, all new
 dual and front-facing cameras, Wireless Charging and a lovely dual Gorilla Glass
 5 body with a stainless steel frame in between. The Nokia 8 Sirocco will
 be available in April for €749.